Preliminary strength calculations are carried out at the stage of creation of 3D model of the product in order to confirm the correspondence of product construction to the declared technical and operation characteristics. It allows to exclude the necessity of considerable correction of the construction from test results.

Strength calculations are made by finite element method with the application of modern licensed software such as: Ansys WorkBench, stresses analysis package Autodesk Inventor and others.

Depending on the category and purpose of automobile towed machinery, the following calculations can be made:

  • strength calculation of frame metalwork;
  • strength calculation of the towbar and elements of its fastening;
  • strength calculation of special equipment (fixing elements, approach ramps, locating blocks etc.);
  • efficiency calculation of brake system;
  • calculation of spring suspension;
  • other calculations depending on the purpose of towed machinery.

Calculation system made by our company during the designing allows to create a product with minimum expenses for adjustment during the tests and also with maximum advantageous indices of materials consumption.