High qualification of our specialists allows the company “Genesis Engineering” perform the complete set of science research and developmental services for our customers – from working out the technical task till launching the goods to manufacture.

Process of projecting railway rolling equipment, as a rule, includes the following stages:

  • determining technical-economic characteristics of the new equipment;
  • setting and coordination of technical task for projecting;
  • working out the draught and technical project, creating a 3D model of the project; coordinating with the customer;
  • running the calculation complex of the created 3D model (see the “Calculations” chapter);
  • working out the set of construction documentation in the volume enough for manufacturing the developmental prototype;
  • working out the project of technical conditions, exploitation and fixing documentation.

If the works of launching the goods to manufacture and certification we run:

  • author surveillance while manufacturing the developmental prototype (with the following correction of technical documentation);
  • taking part in working out the programs and methods for running tests;
  • coordination of the documentation for the product with relevant organizations;
  • preparing materials for certification and approving the product;
  • accompanying the tests, approving and certification of the product, work with authorized organizations;
  • accompanying the serial production of the product.

Our customers are mostly the companies from CIS countries, and the manufactured product is modern railway equipment for 1,520 mm rail.

Working out the technical documentation for this product is run due to current demands of Joint System of construction and technology documentation (JSCD and JSTD) and other current standards.

We also have unique experience of working with regulatory documents and working out the new units of rolling equipment for 1,435 mm rail (Western and Central Europe, USA, China, Iran, etc.), as well as for other types of rail.