Railway machinery

LLC “Genesis Engineering” provides services in the area of projecting and batch-manufacturing railway machinery of different purpose.

Specialists of our company have many years of experience in the area of projecting railway machinery and have taken the leading part in bringing out projects of manufacturing rail cars (including tank-cars, covered trucks, open cars, universal and specialized platforms), passenger rolling equipment (including metro cars, electric and Diesel-trains), as well as moving details of passenger and goods rolling equipment.

“Genesis Engineering” itself completed the following projects:

  • new generation covered goods vans with 25 t axis load, cargo box volume of 180 m3 and 205 m3, which have one of the most perspective technical-economic indicators. The important advantage of these vans is the great universality stage in terms of cargo types, as well as ease of fixing the piece loads inside the van, which is achieved due to special features of side walls and cover construction;
  • innovational multifunctional loading platform with 25 t axis load. The van is designed for transporting long goods, containers and roll steel. For today this van does not have analogies in the world.

“Genesis Engineering” company took part in the following pre-project research due to the customer tasks:

  • manufacturing running gear for metropolitan: non-powered and powered with asynchronous drive;
  • manufacturing service rail bus for Ukrainian railways;
  • manufacturing a line of perspective goods vans for 1,676 mm rail (for Chile);
  • manufacturing cistern vans for 1,435 mm rail due to IIRR demands (for Iran);
  • manufacturing service-technical van (service and technical wagon) for supplying energy to refrigerator containers, and also in research due to other projects.

We are working on some of them today.

Close collaboration with profile science organizations, leading project organizations, as well as world leaders of producing and selling units and parts for railway equipment, helps us manufacture innovational machinery with using leading tendencies in construction and manufacturing technology.