While projecting the railway machinery our specialists perform a full complex of previous calculation which are the essential part of technical documentation.

Apart from this, during 3D modeling, with the help of special calculation modules we perform the reliability checking, as well as optimizing the carrying gear of the vans, which allows us to assure the perspective technical-economic indicators for newly projected machinery and guarantee the product reliability to the customer.

While performing the calculations we are led by the current demands and norms valid on the territory where the product exploitation is planned.

While creating a new railway machinery for 1,520 mm railways of CIS countries, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, the calculations are performed due to demands of “Calculation and Projecting Norms of Railway Vans of Ministry of Railways for 1,520 mm rails (non-self-propelled)” of 1996, DSTU 7598, GOST 9246, and other standards.

Basic calculations performed while working out a project of a car for a 1,520 mm track are these:

  • durability calculation (of cargo box and running gear);
  • fatigue resistance;
  • resistance of car cargo box elements;
  • size framing (of cargo box and running gear);
  • size frame calculation (of cargo box and running gear);
  • brake calculations (of effectiveness and durability of automatic and parking brake);
  • calculation of rail influence;
  • moving quality definition;
  • bogie axle calculation;
  • bogie swing suspension calculation;
  • other calculations due to car specification.

Durability calculations are performed with final elements method.

While performing the calculations we use licensed modern software for 3D analysis: Autodesk Inventor, Ansys WorkBench, etc.